How to Make Two-Wire Mini Twists

Mini Two Strand Twist is a great style of protection. It takes time, but it lasts up to 4 weeks. You do not need to do anything to the hair during that time. It's really a smoothie style and voila.

How to create the style

I chose to blow dry my hair before I started. After washing my hair, I braid myself into four braids and let them air dry. Once dry, I use a heat shield and dry at a low temperature. This is not a Q Twist. The style looks just as good and lasts as long if you don't dry. I choose to dry to show the length.
Wear a rattail comb and don't worry about the pieces, be sure to only grab a small amount of hair at a time.
Divide the hair into two sections and rotate one section over the other. Keep doing this and twist your hair all the way. The twist should be a little smaller than the size of a straw when you're done.
I like to work with the front first. I turn from the hairline and turn forward. If you like a part of your hair, this is the best time to create it. Be sure to rotate the entire front, including the sides.
Once I reach the middle of the head, I shift gears and start working from the rear. This means that I end up with a large part in the middle that falls apart. I like it this way because, if for some reason I can't finish, I can always put my hair in a bun and it seems like my whole head is done.
Then I work in the middle part. Twisting those on the back.
Flip the front of the hair back when you're done and the style is complete.
To make the ends wrinkle, I use my water, conditioner, jojoba oil on the ends and wring with my hands. Wrinkling is done by fluffing up the ends of the hair and squeezing similar to an accordion.
How to manage style

Add a small amount of jojoba oil to hair at night.
Tie your hair up with a satin scarf or sleep on a satin pillow.
In the morning, spray your hair with the water, conditioner, and jojoba oil mixture. Crumple the ends.
Weekly co-wash. I use V05 Moisture Milk or Suave Naturals for my co-wash.
How to remove twists

Start by unraveling as many turns as you can at hand. Don't worry about those who are really tangled.
Get a cheap conditioner. I use Suave or V05 Moisturizing Milk. Wet hair and add generous amount of conditioner. I usually do this in the shower, so I use the maximum amount of water and make sure each section stays completely wet as I untangle myself.
Take a good size piece. Around 10-15 turns. Add more conditioner and take a Denman brush and start brushing the twists. Start from the bottom and work the brush up. A good amount of hair will be lost, but that's fine. Your hair has not been able to shed because it has been twisted for weeks. Hair is expected to be shed.
Braid the section once complete and keep doing the same until the entire head is ready.
Deeply conditions hair when complete.

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